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Qlip Pedometer by Sportline


Qlip Pedometer by Sportline

Today is the day I put this baby to work! This is another #Mamavation #Fitcation11 sponsored item. It's time to find out what a day in my life is really like. Although it might have been better to have started on Monday. This is the Qlip pedometer by Sportline. It's really small, light weight and super easy to program. Thank goodness because some times these gadgets can take hours to figure out how to program.

The only thing I questioned during the programing was the stride length. I'm not really sure about so I left it on 20. It has instructions to walk a certain distance and then divide by other numbers. It's one of those things that's going to take a little more time than I have this morning.

The Qlip doesn't just keep track of steps it also tracks distance, calories burned, speed and total time of your activity. The removable holster clip makes it easy to clip in multiple locations on your body. 

I'm excited to give this a try! Sportline has lots of other cool products. One of the ladies during #Fitcation11 had a HydraCoach. That's what I need to keep up with my water intake. It's next on my list. Sportline did not compensate me for my opinion.

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