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An Election Strategy for Houston, Texas Judge Charley E. Prine Jr.?


An Election Strategy for Houston, Texas Judge Charley E. Prine Jr.?

Update on the William Flowers custody case - Is the unprecedented ruling in a child custody case by Judge Charley E. Prine Jr. possibly a political strategy? It could be because this judge has made it big! Google his name you will find his ruling in this case for the first 34 pages! Companies pay serious money for that kind of internet ranking.

Geoff Berg who heads Partisan Gridlock on was the first person to break the news about Prine's ruling. To read the full article click here. The condensed version, Judge takes away William's access to make decisions regarding his children's medical care or extra school activities and here is the clincher...wait for it....wait for it...."..prohibits him from leaving any of his three children alone with any male to whom the kids are not related by “blood or adoption.” Why would the judge decide that this is in the best interest of the children? It's speculated that the judge in this case is "homophobic." At least that's what all those other news, magazine and blog articles say. William is a gay married man and Texas doesn't recognize gay marriages. He can't leave the kids at home alone with their step-father any more. Were the kids being abused? Not that there is any proof of. William was hoping for more visitation rights with his children. No one expected the WWF SMACK DOWN that was to come.

What do I have to do with any of this? Am I some sort of liberal Texan trying to change people's minds about gay marriages? NO! I'm a Republican, a parent, a Methodist, a married heterosexual (sometimes referred to as hispanic) female. I attend church service every Sunday and then a Sunday school parenting class with guess who? Yes, William Flowers and his husband Jim. I know all of their children (commonly referred to as the Fleven Seven). My husband and I both helped transport their children to camps and vacation bible school during the trial.

After watching the trial, the outcome and media coverage I wanted to put a different twist on this story. Many "bloggers" just cut and pasted Berg's article and hit publish. That's not what we real bloggers do! Most of us that care are ethical. Many of the stories don't even bother to interview or try to get comments from the judge. There are some that try to talk to the lawyers but really they have no clout to make changes. Nope, it's we the people and campaign contributors to Judge Pride.

There was an update to the decision! Ready? Update: on August 19, 2011, Judge Prine modified this injunction so that William is enjoined from leaving his children with any person not related to the children by blood or adoption.

That means not even I can help William in a pinch. He can't leave his children with me the straight, married, church going republican parent! I'm not related to the children by blood or adoption. William needs to appeal this ruling that goes into effect this very Friday September 9, 2011. The cost of the transcript is expensive and he is turning to the community for assistance. If you would like to contribute to Flowers’s legal fund, make your checks out to Flowers’s attorney, Stephanie Proffitt. Mail to: Stephanie Proffitt, 917 Franklin, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77002.

Would you like to come and support William? Bring your sign or your flash mob this Friday to 1115 Congress Ave 7th floor 9 am. 

Some of the comments about this case - 
Move out of Texas! - No you silly people this is where his children are! That would lead to having even less access to his children. 

I love the great state of Texas and we are NOT all homophobic Republicans. We live in a great state with supportive people. William and Jim are very good fathers and the people that know them don't have any problems leaving their kids in their care. Come on Prine! Make another update to this case that makes more sense. Don't you remember what it was like to have kids in the house? It takes a village!

Late Breaking News! - 
Special thanks to Ed's Flower Cottage for donating these 50 carnations for the protest that is being organized. The judge will sign the order September 9th.There are a few people who are planning on protesting this order at the courthouse at 8:30 a.m. The address is 1115 Congress, Houston 77002. Local media will be there to cover this grassroots movement. If it moves you please feel free to grab a flower and join in this effort.

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