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The Digital Mom Handbook


The Digital Mom Handbook

A few days ago I mentioned my deadline to create a syllabus for a new online Sociology course examining social media. After The Digital Mom Handbook came out like many bloggers I was very excited for Colleen and Audrey. There are many of us that have watched them grow and watched their sites evolve. To be honest though, I'm a seasoned blogger. It didn't seem like there would be anything new that they would be teaching me. WRONG!

Hands down, in the we're not worthy position (insert image of Wayne's World here) there are new tricks to be learned. It was not my intent to start Blogging, vlogging, Tweeting and Facebooking my way into a dream career at home. I was looking for material for my class. I'm gathering information on what we could use to study groups who blog, tweet, facebook and You Tube. Here I am reading and flipping back and forth and I get to the chapter about finding my passion. My blog has always been just a mixed bag of the daily goings on in "Pam World." I do product reviews when it strikes me, host giveaways when I feel the prize is worthy, I post tons of stories about my kids and I'm always working on a better way to be fit and healthy. I'm a multi-tasking machine.

It occurred to me this morning while I was sitting in Sunday service of all places that my common thread is networking, teaching and sharing information. All of a sudden I have a flurry of ideas on how to begin organizing my own blog. Oh geez what is going on here? I had to get it out of my head. Then I lost the list, found I had put it in the trash and then had to dig it out. Yea, I did.
Here is my list and it was a brain storm for sure! I'm not sure where this is going to lead but I did redo my About Me, Contact and Disclosure pages. My Twitter bio got a bit of a hashtag update too. As I make changes I will let you know so you can travel with me through this book. Will this book turn you into the over night sensation you want to be? I don't know. Is it going to make the cut for my class? I don't know I'm still reading. I had to pause long enough to brainstorm, edit and then write this post!

A couple of quick tips to share:
Make your own Twitter Logo
Make your own Gmail Logo
Something about an angled head shot is suppose to make people want to engage you more. Whether or not to use those letters after your name for those degrees you have earned. Food for thought.

Oh and because of my plans for where this blog is going..... I had to create a new Facebook Fan Page! That is the bad part. Why? Because I needed to change the name of it. When you have over 100 people like your Fan Page guess what? You have to start over. I mean, from scratch! Not cool but it was necessary. I hope that while you are here you might have a heart and a second to check that like box there in the right hand corner of my blog so I can fill it back up. Please and Thank You.

Colleen Padilla one of the authors of The Digital Mom Handbook did send me a book to preview for research material. The opinions of the book are strictly my own. Click on those "Like" and "Retweet" buttons to share with the online community. For current events see the side bars and click on the "Add Me" tab above to connect with me using other social media services.

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