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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 7


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 7

It's Day 7 Whoo Hoo! That's one whole week of Paleo. Only 23 more days to go and don't think I'm not counting down either. I'm missing popcorn right now and grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Onward and upward right? I'm getting pretty good and fixing my plates now.

After attending the lecture at our Crossfit gym I have my meals and even snacks down to meat, veggie, and a fruit. We ran out of almonds and pecans already so that's pretty much it for the nuts for now. I'm actually eating cucumbers again, bland yes but they are easy to slice and snack on so for breakfast it's a quick egg, cucumber slices and cantaloup! Today was my first church service without coffee. I did it and survived. :)  Lunch was not so great because I was on the go a lot today. I think I got a banana and more cucumbers but dinner? WHOA it was like a cooking show up in here!

First up Turkey Spinach Meatballs thanks to Heather Jackson and her awesome recipe. My whole family ate them and it was super easy to make.
2lbs of Turkey
package of frozen Spinach
2 tsp of garlic
salt (to taste)
mix together with hands
roll into balls bake in oven for 30 min 350
I'm not going to lie my kids looked at me like I was a little crazy but they are adjusting to trying new things. I had to cut the recipe in half because I didn't buy enough turkey. They loved them and then went on to rave about Heather and sing her praises! So special thanks to Heather for getting us ALL to eat spinach. Who knew? You probably did but I didn't. lol

Then my husband broke out his own recipe for Lemon Chicken using Paleo supplies. You won't find this one online so I'll post his recipe here:

Chicken Thighs
Dip in coconut milk
Put lemon slices under the skin at the top
Salt and Pepper
Poor coconut milk in the bottom of the pan
Cook at 400 degrees for 35-40 minutes

Ta Da! It's yummy goodness but of course I had to take the skin off because I don't think we are supposed to eat that part. lol - Can you see the shape of the lemon slice under the skin? Yes, he threw a few on top too but it is inside the chicken. We didn't give this one to our little guy. He was super sad but this is really for us to get through lunch during the week. I don't want to risk the coconut milk and his allergies. 

I broke out the George Foreman Grill for this one. I cooked it a lot more to make the bacon crispy. My kids actually liked this too. What?! Seriously, that's probably the first time they have willingly eaten asparagus. Please don't tell me that I took all the nutrients out by doing this because if that is the case I might never be able to get asparagus down. Like I said before, if you can make it taste good then I will eat it! :)

Whoo Hoo! - I can tell you this, since starting the challenge I'm down another pound this morning. That's a total of four pounds. I have worked out maybe twice. I'm not burning near the calories that I normally do because I'm injured, still. That's another story all together. But what I'm saying is that the whole notion of 80% of your abs is in the kitchen and 20% is working out, is really being put to the test. I'm happy that we are trying new things. A challenge is just that, a challenge! You have to do that for yourself to break out of your comfort zone. It's not a bad thing. The hardest part is sticking with it. Failure is met when there is inconsistency. Right? ...till tomorrow.

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