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Day 3 of Thanks


Day 3 of Thanks

There are so many things that I could write about today as far as thanks go but I will try to focus on one topic. Today's topic is my Q. I'm thankful for my Q and lord knows I don't tell her enough so I dedicate this post to her even though she might not ever read it.

I'm thankful to her because of all that she has taught me. From her I learned how to be a better parent. I finished school and went back to school and bettered myself. She taught me that I needed to learn to be alone while still needing to grow up. She helped me learn patience and to become a well rounded person. She fights with me but she hears me and for that I am thankful. I wrote a post titled Freaky Friday and went to visit her today but didn't have a camera with me, such a shame. The transformation was incredible. It's finally sinking in that it is better to have order than chaos. She came to watch the boys today so her Dad and I could go see a movie. She took them to play and fed them and bathed them and she will make a great mother some day and I'm thankful for that too. She's growing into a fine young lady and is pure in every way. She has issues with telling the truth about little things but usually she will end up being forthcoming. She has done so much for me and there isn't a post with enough memory to save it all but I'm sure you get the picture. She's a very special daughter and I'm thankful for the privilege of being her Mom.


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