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Tip #3 - What I Learned Today


Tip #3 - What I Learned Today

Warning: This is about smokers and I am going to say what I want because I am a former smoker and I don't care if you are offended. If you are easily offended about your smoking habit then stop reading now!

Tip#3 - While on our way to a movie I see this woman with a cigarette hanging out of her mouth. Her windows are rolled half way down and in the back seat there sits an infant and a little sister. People please STOP smoking in your car with your infants and small children in the back seat. I don't care if you have the windows rolled down. They can't breathe! Why force your habit on little people? They have no choice in the matter but you do. Please choose not to smoke in your car! I know you don't want your sweet smelling babies to smell like an ashtray. I had to get that out.

Now for a further smoker tip that may further annoy you, listen up. Today my son was here in my office chair and he had a stick pretzel hanging out of his mouth. He said, "Mommy guess what I'm doing?" I reply, "what are you doing?" He says, "I'm smoking a cigarette!" very proudly as he grins. I try NOT to freak out because on the inside I'm freaking out. I say, "where did you get that idea?" He said, "lots of people smoke" "Like who?" I say and he says (insert name) "__smokes" And he is right! What could I say? I was so annoyed. Everyone stopped smoking in our family a long time ago and I think I have one SIL who still does. Any hoo, I tried to come up with a non freaking out reply. This was the best I could do, "Well we don't smoke in our family!" He ate the pretzel and moved on. That is my tip! Remember you are always being watched when children are around. If you want good behavior then model it yourself and that is what I was reminded of today.


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