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Have A New Kid By Friday - Follow Up This Week


Have A New Kid By Friday - Follow Up This Week

If you have been following along let me catch you up to date!
Yesterday my eldest was up at 6:50am dressed and was ready to leave the house at 7:15am. I went ahead and took him to school. Who cares if he is the first one there! It's better than being the last and obviously this is all working nicely.

Today he was up again right on schedule and ready to leave the house before 7:30am. I'll bet his teacher is in shock. We also have put the kids to bed half an hour earlier and lights out are half an hour later period. So far so good! The kids seem more well rested and my hubs and I have a little more quiet time in the evening. Success I would say for our first week with Chapter: Monday.

The toddler needs more work but consistency is key. Only say it once and be prepared to have that time out chair or corner handy. The end result is to take you seriously. I'm liking it a lot. If you have NO idea what I'm talking about in this post, click here to catch up.

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