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Have A New Kid by Friday - Monday, Part 2


Have A New Kid by Friday - Monday, Part 2

Today is part 2 of this chapter in the book and here is my update on the battle with my son and getting ready for school. Today he was up at 7:12am and we need to leave at 7:30am in order for him to be on time. He knows this, it hasn't changed all school year. At 7:41am he comes to me, he's finally ready. I tell him that's nice you're late. I'll take you on the way to my class, I leave at 8:25am. He's pretty livid and throwing an all out fit. If I would just throw everyone in the car and go he could still make it without being tardy. He's right but I have to stick to my guns. I've already started this road and I'm not turning back now. Meanwhile his stopping around the living room results in his stepping on his brother's feet.

Meanwhile the little guy will not get dressed (my #1 problem with him). He has all his clothes and he's goofing off. I tell him. I'm leaving at 8:25am. You have 5 minutes left and I'm leaving to take your brother to school. 8:25am came and I said we are getting in the car now and leaving. He starts crying, I tell him "I'm going to drop your brother off at school you better be ready by the time I get back." I shut the door and lock it! Yes, I really did this. I watched the clock in my van, it took literally two minutes for me to return home. I would not have done this had I not been so close to home. My eldest is in shock. He knows Mom means business. I return home and unlock the door and standing there is one dressed little guy (except for socks and shoes) and he's ready to go! He wasn't upset he was just dressed. He didn't know that I left. He thought we were all outside waiting in the car for him.

Seems extreme doesn't it? Am I really preparing them for the real world? The world doesn't wait on anyone does it? It keeps going no matter if the bell has rang or you're dressed for the day!

If you want to try this here is what you can do on a Monday:
1.) Observe what's going on in your house. What areas in your relationship with your child really bother you?
2.) Think about how you'd like things to change.
3.) Decide to take the bull by the horns.
4.) Expect great things to happen.

You can ready part 1 to this series here.

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