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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 15 & 16


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 15 & 16

Boy am I learning a thing or two about smoothies! Goodness. I'm making them often. This right here is a strawberry smoothie! Since I have chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavored protein I try to mix it up.
Strawberry Smoothie Recipe:
2 scoops strawberry flavored protein powder
1 Banana
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
3-4 Ice cubes (My freezer will dispense crushed ice so I use that)
1/2 cup water
Blend and there you have it......
Yummy goodness!
I'm a little behind because I'm doing the solo parenting thing this week. It's hard to keep up but I'm doing my best. Never thought I would say this but I'm so sick of pork and I'm a bit sick of meat in general. This was after eating pork chop left overs and making up some bacon wrapped asparagus. I made sausage for the kids so yea, I'm over the pig right now! lol
Today I tried the wonderful world of Taco Lettuce Wraps! It's the closest thing to Tex-Mex that I can get to right now. I'm seriously craving some real tacos or enchiladas or chips and queso. Paleo is tough stuff when you have been eating the same way for 30+ years. 30 Days cleans out your system but it's not like you don't miss what you have been eating. It's comfort food! I'm pretty sure a lot of this will stay but I don't think I'm a hardcore Paleo fan. I think I could eat cleaner but if I don't get my meals on time.....whoa I'm super angry, annoyed and hard to be around until I can eat. Back to the recipe!
Normally I will use that package of Taco seasoning right there! But if you read the ingredients you will find it's NOT I broke out what I could find in the ingredients and added it to my meat along with one tomato!
Roll that meat up in a giant piece of lettuce and there you have it! That is by far the fastest easiest Paleo recipe I have made so far. I didn't break this out on the kids yet. I made the last box of taco shells for them and these for me. Then added some carrots and a spinach shake to the meal so we could all get our veggie quota in for the day!

I got into a smaller size pair of jeans but the excitement quickly faded when that muffin top effect happened. I had to take them off. Maybe that will look better in 14 more days! lol - People that haven't seen me in a while seem to notice a big difference. I don't have that puffy face going on. I don't have that bloated tummy pouch going on either. Sweet! I'll take it. During some of my Mamavation posts I write the pros and cons of the Paleo Challenge according to me!

Thanks to those of you that feel my pain cooking those three meals a day and all the washing and prep work that goes into it! For those of you thinking I need to add more pros to my list if I simply sit down and think about it question is Are you doing the Paleo Challenge? Have you done the Paleo Challenge? Is this how you live your life? Because if you are unable to answer yes to any one of those questions then maybe you need to try it and see what kind of Pros you can come up with on your own. :)

It is possible that I need more tools in my toolbox. I've never eaten this way. It's possible that when I tried it before it wasn't prepared in a way that agreed with my taste buds. The challenge basically strips your pallet and it's like you get a whole new one! Things start to taste good that didn't before. lol - Go figure.

My Mom came over and I wasn't going to have coffee because the detox was so horrible I didn't want to start it back up again but that's really what I bought the Almond milk for.
I'll stick to no coffee. The challenge hasn't changed my pallet enough to convince me that this works instead of cream and sugar! lol - See you next time. Only 14 more days.....

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