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All The Kings Horses and All The Kings Men....


All The Kings Horses and All The Kings Men....

I'm in the land of needing a little more than a foam roller and some stretches. What I thought to be just a simple lumbar sprain due to an improper handstand has turned out to be so much more.

As it turns out my problem plain and simple has turned out to be bad form. There is a wonderful part of Crossfit where mentally you can push yourself through lots of things. You begin to learn the difference between soreness and pain. If you have followed me you know I would throw in A LOT of running and some Taebo classes too.

It looks like all those work outs finally caught up with me in the worst way. What started as one thing has caused a domino effect in my entire body. Now I sit here doing nothing. No walking, running, Taebo or Crossfit right now. My body was in bad shape and I was ready to go to the hospital and get some drugs just to stop the pain. I didn't care. I just needed it to stop. I had been to two different chiropractors and they had the right diagnosis but the pain wasn't going away. I was getting worse and now I'm on my third chiropractor. Thank goodness I didn't give up because I'm on my way back but I have NO idea how long it will take to have a full recovery.

So what is the point? The point is if you are into fitness or consider yourself to be a an athlete regardless of the sport make sure to take preventive measures. Don't ignore that discomfort, it could turn into something so much more serious. Did I stretch? Did I warm up? Did I use proper technique? Did I cool down? Yes but not all the time. I know I didn't stretch before every run or every Taebo class. I know that I didn't always use good form when running or doing Crossfit. Some days the fatigue will get to you and you just push through. I'm paying for all of these mistakes right now. It might not be so bad had I maintained my engine a little more rather than addressing things when they reached the "pain" level. This year is supposed to be my year of becoming "Pain Free!" My trainer and I discussed this at length especially after the burpee challenge.

Now I have no choice but to focus on being pain free and doing whatever the doctor tells me to do and easing back into the picture slowly and carefully. Between my doctor, trainer and massage therapist I will be back, oh yes! I will be back. When? That still remains to be seen. Ice is basically my best friend right now. If I could sit in one of those troughs with ice water, I would. Just to stop all of it.

It is my hope that I don't become the "Poster Child" for bad form. I'm thankful that we have a trainer that shows us "proper form" every single time we work out. He doesn't care if we have seen it a thousand times, he's going to show you any way. Some days you can just get caught up in the work out. It happens.

So what about the 1/2 marathon I'm suppose to run in 4 weeks? Your guess is as good as mine.

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