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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 8


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 8

It's what's for lunch. I guess my husband found a sale on steaks so I had to cook them. They tasted yummy and we have a lot of left overs now. They were paired nicely with this wonderfully steamed broccoli. My Twitter Mamavation buddies said try some olive oil, pepper, garlic salt and toss it after it's steamed.
It was so yummy! My lunch plans were spoiled by the rain so I served it up for dinner for the family after they got home because I was on my way out the door for lots of fix-her-up appointments.
Since I didn't get to eat lunch I had to come up with a whole new idea for dinner before my red and green pepper went bad. They are called omelet muffins. They were very easy to make and the only thing that was really time consuming was dicing those peppers up. What's cool is that you can really toss any veggie/veggies that you want.
You can either grease your pan with coconut oil or use the baking cups. I wanted to share them with my little guy so I opted for the cups.
The cups do not separate from the pan or the actual cooked ingredient that well. It's ok, I still think they are worth sharing.
While they were in the oven I threw more broccoli in there but this time added some cayenne pepper. Whoa! That's got some kick.
There you have it! It's my dinner. It doesn't look like much but it sure did fill my tummy (add a green apple - not photographed, it was eaten while I was cooking). I'm starting to snack a lot less. The whole group seems to be. It's almost like we are all starting to balance out. I spend a lot more time in the grocery store, cooking and cleaning up the kitchen. It's crazy over here but it's getting easier and different foods are starting to taste better. Until tomorrow....

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