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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 9


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 9

Let's get into the REALITY part of the Paleo Challenge! I'm at Walgreens picking up a heat patch and I'm walking through two different aisles of Valentine's Day temptations. I had to snap a shot before I fled the store.
Seriously! It's hard to pass up a piece of candy. I love it! Love the hard candy, the chocolate candy, you name it! Candy and I are just two peas in one pod. Although I miss popcorn more. I don't think I could set foot in a movie theater right now.
Later the same day it was time to pick up some more olive oil. I knew as soon as we went in that it was going to be tough with her. Look at her! She's so proud of herself. She found some cookies and a lunch item she wanted to buy like her friend has at school. Ugh! That face. "No Silly, put it back it's not on Mommy's list." That worked until we got to the aisle with the rainbow colored Gold Fish crackers! She found the box, "Mommy, Rexy likes these! I want them for him." Nicely played, go in for the brother and maybe I will say yes. "No Silly, put it back it's not on Mommy's list." She didn't comply. In fact she hugged that box all the way to the cashier and put it up on the counter for purchase. I told the cashier, "We're not buying that." She looked at Silly and then she looked at me, puzzled and confused just waiting for me to change my mind. I proceeded to pay and Silly did not throw a tantrum but instead hung her head and pouted. Oh gut wrenching!
She tries to hide sucking on her fingers and she's just sad and trying to appease herself. This is the hardest part about Paleo. So why not get it? It's just a box of crackers and I've been buying them for years. Because I know that in a weak moment it's possible that those could end up in my mouth. Besides I really would like to find the healthiest alternatives for them. It takes a long time to detox. I'm sure my kids are feeling some of it too.
This is floating around Facebook and I thought it was appropriate to share because it is the easiest way to explain Paleo! It's pretty much full proof.
Since I have egg burn out and saw some smoothie recipes floating around Facebook I thought I would experiment. One scoop of protein (vanilla flavored), 1/2 cup mixed fruit, 1 cup ice, 1 banana and 1 cup Almond milk (vanilla flavored) blend and there you have what tastes like a milk shake. It's creamy so it reminds you of ice cream. I really liked it! I'm not really sure if I used a whole cup of that milk but really you can't go wrong. Yummy!

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