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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 28 - Day 30


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 28 - Day 30

Where did the last three days go? I'm not sure but it really did fly. It's the end. The challenge is over and I made it. Using our point system I earned a total of 4 points. I didn't win the challenge but who cares because I finished. This is one of my lessons learned, I'm a finisher. Let me back track here a little bit.
Beef! It's what's for dinner.
Since I have been on the challenge my husband has made this yummy guacamole about five times.
This was the kid section at the beginning of the challenge!
They put a huge dent in it! This is good because I cleared this out and stuck it all in the pantry.
I cleared out all the cabinets! Partly because with my herniated disk I can't reach up high.

Nothing says reorganize your kitchen like, "You have a herniated disk and oh by the way there is a cyst on your kidney go have that checked out!" At least it's completely functional and prepared to cook just about anything.

According to all the various scales I had a 12 pound loss doing this challenge. I'm glad too because I haven't been able to get near the calorie burn that I have become accustomed too. My husband went from 265 to 189 with his cholesterol level. He eats a banana for breakfast & lunch and then eats what I cook for dinner. I'm not sure that is the healthiest way to go about it but it worked for him. What's next? I don't know. My trainer says to slowly add things back into my diet one by one to see how my body responds. I'm a little freaked out because I've been eating clean for so long now that I'm afraid of that one cookie. It could send my whole body into shock. It's going to be an interesting journey that is for sure. I never stopped craving sweets or thinking about baked goods. Some people rave about how it's gone but it never left for me. I had to make a conscious effort daily not to give in. Now that the challenge is over there is nothing standing between me and a Loft House cookie! We'll see what happens. I'm glad to have had the support of my gym Crossfit Unity and for all the support on Facebook. The members were amazing and all the recipes were an education in ingredients I had never hear of! There are some recipes that I will keep and some that will never cross my path again! Would I recommend the challenge? YES. It's one of the hardest challenges that I have faced so far on my fitness journey. It can be done and I believe that you will be healthier for trying it 30 days.

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