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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 22 & 23


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 22 & 23

I can make it 7 more days I promise! If I haven't cheated by now I'm pretty sure it's a done deal. There has been enough emotional stress to break me already but I didn't break. :)

Here is that crock pot roast that we made. I added some carrots and celery to the mix and guess what?
It's Kid Approved!

This is the pineapple chicken. I wish I could say I was fan but I'm not. My chicken got too dry. Maybe overcooked too much in the crock pot????
I had to go with my back up plan, lettuce wraps. This time I added that guacamole salsa on top! WOW was that awesome. It was a perfect topping. In a few minutes I'm gonna go make another one. lol
Today was a super busy day! It's days like these when the protein shakes come in handy. I had chocolate powder so I came up with this one.

Chocolate Banana Smoothie
1 scoop chocolate
1 cup Almond milk (non flavored)
2 Bananas

I'm sure I put some ice in there but I can't remember. I think it works either way. Only 7 days left and I've rocked another challenge. Feels good.

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