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#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 21


#30DayPaleoChallenge - Day 21

It's Sunday and after 21 days I finally got a clue! I'm not sure why it took so long to sink in but it finally did. That or maybe it was after I ran through the grocery budget for the month and there is clearly still  9 days left until the next payday and we ARE going to need more food.
Today we planned out mostly what we are eating this week and looked at all the recipes and got everything we needed all at once. Maybe this will keep me from going to the grocery store nearly every day. That is super annoying. We have two crock pots and they are both going! First up...
I did a Google search for a crock pot roast Paleo of course and came up with this recipe on I Eat Mostly Meat. I didn't catch it at first but while making it the recipe calls for beef bullion and Worcestershire sauce. The ingredients are high fructose corn syrup in the sauce and sugar in both. Sounds nit picky but I have literally not had either. It's too late though because it's all in "Felix The Crock."

My husband's crock was named when he was 19 and that was a while back, just saying. This crock pot has been around a looooong time. Back to the recipe - It calls for a whole onion and that just seems like a LOT of onion in there. It's smells good but we'll see how it goes.
In my crock pot that remains nameless we are trying a recipe variation that was shared in our Facebook group by Heather Jackson. You can find her stuff on Pinterest. It's Pineapple Chicken and I'm not to sure about it but I'm going in! We used this recipe but substituted the meat for chicken and we didn't use cranberries. Next up! The Guacamole Salsa...
I'm happy we have the Cuisineart but I always tend to revert back to my Ninja! I love it.
Finally I found something that welcomes a celery stick! It's so HOT that your mouth is happy when it gets the cool celery.
Got the fish right this time! Here's the Salmon and we went with a lot of lemon.
Honestly it didn't taste that great to me but my little girl ate it UP! I mean she went to town. We fixed the Tilapia too but she didn't like it as much but our oldest son loved it! Our middle child didn't like either but he was a good sport about it.
For a side dish we went with squash! A little olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic salt and none of us really cared for it. lol - If you can make squash taste good, please...let me know! My Mother and Grandmother had come over this evening and I asked them but they didn't have any answers either. Oh well...until tomorrow.

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