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The End of a Pack


The End of a Pack

Most people thought we were crazy! Why do you need four dogs? We didn't need four dogs they came into our lives at different times. It started with the two sisters Alex is at the bottom and Toni is at the top. We lost Alex after 2 years because she ran out in front of a car. She was my pick from the litter. We lost Max the terrier and Sam the black lab within a couple of months apart in 2010 of sickness They were both 12 years old. Toni was the last one left and man was it hard to let her go. She was 14 years old. Her hips had arthritis, she couldn't see or hear very well and worst of all her mind was starting to go. She would walk in a big circle all around the house over and over. We would let her out, make sure she had food and water but she just kept walking. We would take her in for cortisone shots in her hips to keep her comfortable. We thought maybe it just hurt to lay down but she just kept walking in circles until she was just so tired. We knew what had to be done but then it was Christmas time and we just couldn't do it.

Today was finally the day we had to let her go. Our wonderful "co-parent" as my husband called her. She was wonderful with our kids...

I have hundreds of photos I could share but I think you get the idea. And there you have it, the end of a pack.

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