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Monkey Business!


Monkey Business!

It started out with a birthday party! What do you get for a good friend's birthday who happens to be a man? You gift him with a sweet treat of course. Monkey Bread it is and  I can not take any credit for the recipe because it's from The Pioneer Woman.
Now how do I keep my little people out of that Monkey Bread? I just knew they would be asking him every five minutes if they could have some. Pillsbury now sells their biscuits in a four pack in order to promote their own version of Monkey Bread.
I tried it once but I like Rea's better. Also with her recipe it asks for 3 cans of biscuits not 4. What do you do with the extra can of biscuits and hold off the children from devouring the birthday gift? Monkey Muffins of course! These didn't last more than 10 minutes. The kids went crazy for these treats. They didn't bother the guest of honor one bit! Whoo Hoo score one for Mom!!! 

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