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English McMuffin


English McMuffin

I'm not really sure what you would call them but it does remind me of the Egg McMuffin from McDonalds but it's not. This is another quick breakfast that is great to whip up before school. I found it on the back package of the Target brand of English Muffins.

English Muffins
Sliced Cheese

We own a George Foreman Grill so making bacon is super easy! I now only use Nitrate free bacon, it's one of those foods that stuck with me from the Paleo challenge. No matter how you prepare your bacon it's best to put that on first.

Next slice your English Muffin in half and put it in the toaster. Then take your egg and cook it. I will break the yolk and let it cook and then flip it. You can cook your egg any way you want though. By now your toaster has popped! Put your egg on the half of the English Muffin, slap a slice of cheese on and let it melt, then add your bacon. That's it!
It's Kid Approved!

Tip: My son says it's too heavy of a breakfast for him. He's not use to all that bread so I will skip the top slice of the English Muffin so it's not too heavy. I'm pretty sure you could also substitute that bacon for a sausage patty too! Mix it up and have fun.

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