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Snack Stack English Muffins


Snack Stack English Muffins

 I found this recipe on the back of the package of a Target store brand package of English muffins. 
Take a half of an English muffin and toast it.
Add peanut butter
Top with raisins, bananas, cinnamon and drizzle with honey! Super easy.
The green plate on the right is Soy Butter for the little guy because he is allergic to peanut butter. It works just as well though.
 He's trying to figure out if he likes it or not.
 He's giving it 1.5 thumbs. It's just good, nothing spectacular.
My older son was equally impressed. However, being the problem solver that he is, he suggested apples instead of the banana!
 We quickly grabbed a green apple and diced it up!
 Now we have excitement!
 Oh wait, and two thumbs up this time! Major improvement. And there you have it Kid Approved.

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