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Google Calendar - It's Becoming A Must Have Tool


Google Calendar - It's Becoming A Must Have Tool

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In light of our recent family get together my hubs suggested we use Google Calendar as a way of sharing our busy schedules and keeping in touch. It took me seconds to set it up and I was off to the races. My calendar is full and I can set reminders to email me before events or use pop up windows. My calendar can be shared with my whole family and notifications of events will be emailed to them as well. Another great feature is that I can create a calendar for each child to keep up with all of their practice and school schedules. The settings will also allow me to color code each of them for easier tracking! Now that is a cool gadget. My other family members can make calendars of their own and share them with me too. When they do I can click on their calendars and it will overlap onto my calendar. If your not using Google Calendar yet, maybe you should. It's a handy way to get organized while keeping in touch.

I also missed my blogoversary over the Labor Day weekend. That special date is going on my calendar so I get a reminder. My hope was to have a big bash but with the blog move and all it was not to be but that's ok. Maybe for my third year of blogging I can do something really fun.

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