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Boogie Wipes - Make It Part of Your Cold Season Arsenal


Boogie Wipes - Make It Part of Your Cold Season Arsenal

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Last week I picked up a 3 pack of Boogie Wipes to add to my cold season arsenal of supplies for the little people. I have seen other moms talk about them online but thought to myself, "why not just use a tissue?"

What a great buy this turned out to be. The kids noses started running Saturday and they have gotten progressively worse each day. My baby girl would see me coming with a Boogie Wipe and immediately start shaking her head no. That should give you an idea of how many times I have wiped her little nose. One of  the most surprising things about using the wipes is that her nose didn't get that red raw look that she normally gets when I use regular tissues.

Our little guy has the green mucus too. It's pretty gross so I will spare you the details. Another plus for using Boogie Wipes is that I can get his nose and the surrounding area cleaned up in one wipe. That is big plus to me because I don't have to fight him very long to wipe his nose.

If you haven't tried this awesome Mom invented product yet, you might want to consider buying them for the upcoming cold season. To find out why they are not your ordinary wipe please visit Boogie

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