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Tackle It Tuesday - Laundry


Tackle It Tuesday - Laundry

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
This week I'm going for it! I've known about the @5minutesformom Tackle it Tuesday meme for about 2 years now? WOW has it been that long? Yes it has! Today I too have come to the conclusion that my house needs my love and attention. I'm going to make every effort to make it for this meme. I really think that this will help me stay on task. After all I need to start preparing for the arrival of Karen A. Nelson. Who is Karen A. Nelson? She is a fantastic online interior designer who owns Design With Your Dime In Mind. We met during a water aerobics at the YMCA. How cool is that? She is going to come over in a week and walk through my house to help me make it more, well more than it is and I need help! I'm so overwhelmed that I don't know where to begin. She's going to help me by offering a fresh pair of eyes. I'm super excited!

Today I'm tackling the laundry. Yes, that is a little person buried under there. He loves to play in the laundry. I guess because it's warm.

After a half of an hour I'm finished folding. See my baby girl? She is super proud of me! Now she can get out of her play pen, well after I put it all away. Other wise she will just pull it all down and then I'm back to square one. Join in if you like with all of the other woman trying to make a difference in their homes by tackling it on Tuesday.

Before you go, don't forget to link up! I'm sure we are in some of the same circles. Have a look around the side bars and don't forget to check the "Add Me" tab.

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