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Thursday Thirteen #82 - To Be A Kick Abs Blogger You Need


Thursday Thirteen #82 - To Be A Kick Abs Blogger You Need

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Lately I've been lacking the true supplies of what I think I need to be a totally kick abs blogger. It's not enough to have just a computer any more, oh no! You must keep up with the technology. Here's my list of what I think would help anyone become a kick abs blogger.

1.) High speed internet! You can't blog hop and upload cool videos in order to share on your blog without it.
2.) A desk top to store all of those video and photos that you have been posting. Many use photo shop or some sort of photography software to edit and watermark photos.
3.) A lap top to take with you so you can blog at all the cool coffee shops.
4.) WiFi or something to get wireless access on that lap top in case you want to blog in another part of your house.
5.) Web cam or some sort of computer that has a built in camera. How else can you join in all these video response sites and Mom TV?
6.) A Flip Camera or something similar so you can upload all your video footage to You Tube. It would be great for product reviews or just plain my kid is super cute doing this!
7.) Firefox is really the only way to go with web browsing. Google Chrome is ok but personally Firefox rocks my socks.
8.) IPhone or some super cool phone that takes great photos! Some times you see some really great photo opportunities when your out and about.
9.) A cell phone with a keyboard for texting and Twittering.
10.) A digital camera! For some of us our photos have become the heart of our blogs.
11.) A computer that can handle multi-tasking because you may want to listen to music while your editing your photos and blog hopping and answering emails. You want something that can handle a lot of tabs open.
12.) A good mouse! I recommend a WarmMe mouse to keep your hands warm. It's good stuff.
13.) You need all the social gadgets that tell you who is visiting your blogs! How else will you return the favor?

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