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Spin Class 201 - Bring On The Pain


Spin Class 201 - Bring On The Pain

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 My friend Karen Nelson and I decided we needed to start getting our sweat on! We took water aerobics but it's just not enough. Now that school has started our schedules have changed. For me, taking a spin class was just scary. I've seen the class and I thought, "wow that looks crazy!" If you watch The Biggest Loser then you see those folks on spin bikes too. They are dripping with sweat and looking like they are having the workout of their lives.

Today we tried a Spin Class at the YMCA for the very first time. It's a beginner/intermediate class. If you decide to try this adventure make sure you have water and towel. You will need it!

I'm in so much pain but I got a great workout and goodness did I sweat! I mean dripping with sweat. Lucky for me the child watch lady came to get me to change the baby's diaper in the middle of the class. I was so thankful! I could barely walk but I went back to finish out the class. My legs are like Jello and my behind hurts. Those seats take some getting use to. I haven't been on a bike in many years. Will I go back, YES! I think it's great if you are trying to get your heart rate up. Our teacher said we did great because we were able to get our of our saddle. Wanna know what that mean? Try a spin class and find out!

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