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Tornado Toddler Strikes Again!


Tornado Toddler Strikes Again!

Oh yes, he's still up to his crazy shenanigans that tornado toddler of mine. Here is the latest in his little series of events. My husband made his famous steaks this evening and he left the spices out on the counter. He had a scout meeting and I was taking care of the baby. All of a sudden I smelled this overwhelming amount of spice smell. My nose led me through the kitchen and around the corner to find this!

And then I started the barrage of questioning, "what in the world are you doing?" "why is this all over the floor?" "why?!"

He calmly and very cutely looks at me and says, "I'm trying to mix it! I'm cooking like daddy." Talk about your get out of jail free card! How cute is that? How could I be mad? He was just trying to do what daddy does when he cooks. He already has an apprentice. His baby sister is now walking every where and she is getting into everything. He might be passing down his reign as the "Tornado Toddler." Stay tuned...

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