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Thursday Thirteen # 83 - Projects


Thursday Thirteen # 83 - Projects

Lately I'm finding myself working on a lot of different projects. Are there 13 of them? I have no idea. Let's count and find out.

1.) Emily's Baby Shower - working on gathering sponsors, games, food and funds to cover it all.

2.) Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University - My hubs and I are taking the course at our church.

3.) Organizing my home with the help of Karen Nelson owner of Design With Your Dime In Mind.

4.) Parenting Classes offered at our church. Sorry no link for that one.

5.) Finding my spiritual gifts. There is an online assessment in case your curious.

6.) Working on this body of mine. I'm a strong believer of mixing up your workout routine and I love the classes offered by the YMCA.

7.) Getting ready for the Pumpkin Patch! I signed up to help for a couple of hours on a Saturday.

8.) Preparing for the Fall Party for my son's preschool class.

9.) Getting ready for a garage sale the first weekend of October. I can't wait to get rid of some of this stuff in our home. Remove the clutter!

10.) Organizing my paperwork so I can get on those taxes. Ugh!

11.) I'm baking some goodies for the Fall Festival. I'm thinking brownies. Mmmm

12.) Getting more sleep. My sleep cycle is off and I'm paying for it dearly.

13.) Working on getting internet access upstairs so I don't have to sit in this office chair all day!

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