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Parenting Tips - Connecting With Your Child


Parenting Tips - Connecting With Your Child

Recently we have started taking a parenting class at church. We are always open to taking classes that allow us to share about our children and to learn tips on better ways to parent. This past Sunday our topic was about connecting to our children.
There were three great tips I wanted to share with my readers in hopes that it will help you to become more connected to your own children.

1. Try throwing a tennis ball back and forth.When you throw the ball, you ask a question and when they catch it they have to answer. When they throw the ball to you, they ask a question and you answer. Lot's of Dad's probably already use this method when playing catch with their boys. I'm pretty sure this method would work great with girls too.

2. HSM - Tell your child one thing that made you happy, sad and mad today. Have them do the same thing back to you.

3. Get a notebook to write in. Each day you could write your child a note and leave it under the pillow for them to read at night and they can write back to you. I remember doing this with my girlfriends in junior high. We would just pass it back to each other as we passed in the hall for our next class.

Our boys decorated these notebooks at church during a back to school party. I thought it would be a great way to use these notebooks they made and connect with them. I'm combining tips 2 and 3. The little guy can't read or write yet but I can save it until he can. Hopefully you will find these tips useful. If you have other ways that you use to stay connected to your children let me know!

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