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Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 30


Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 30

I'm not sure what happened to Angie she hasn't updated her post for a while but I'm going to keep tracking my progress. I forgot to weigh in this morning which makes it hard to track any progress. However, after watching The Biggest Loser tonight it hit me. What is the reason you gained weight to begin with?

My weight issues circle around pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my eldest son I lived on the other side of town away from friends and family. I was lonely to be honest with you. My husband was at work all day and I was at home bored with a television and a house full of goodies. I walked a lot but it wasn't the exercise it was the food. My husband tells me how much and what I ate during that time and I'm still in denial. lol - The weight went down but never went back to where I once was and then I got pregnant again and then again and now it's over. I'm done, I'm finished, I've given birth to the caboose! And that's where it all began it stemmed from loneliness. I wasn't blogging yet or even in any forums, maybe that would have helped at the time. I don't know but I can tell you, I'm not lonely any more that is for sure!

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