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Thursday Thirteen #96 - Cool Things About My Hubs


Thursday Thirteen #96 - Cool Things About My Hubs

Valentine's Day is coming and it has me thinking about my hubs. I thought I would try a Thursday Thirteen of cool things I like about him.

1.) He leads our family. I like that a lot.
2.) He attends church with his family.
3.) He can play tunes on his guitar. I like to have music around the kids.
4.) He's an Eagle Scout and that has come in handy lots of times!
5.) He can pretty much do any math problem in his head.
6.) He's also like a human dictionary. That's fun at parties. lol
7.) He takes care of himself. I never nag about him needing to eat right or take vitamins. He does all that stuff on his own.
8.) He doesn't wear cologne but he will wear it for me. **grins**
9.) He keeps me technologically up to date or tries to. My new Dell is still in the box.
10.)He has a knack for giving great greeting cards and adding a little something special to the card. It's a gift.
11.) He takes care of our five year plans. He always has one and I can't tell you how handy it is to have someone that can think that far ahead.
12.) He's completely on board with Dave Ramsey. He's done a great job!
13.) He will sit with me while I watch Paranormal State so I don't get scared. lol

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