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Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 9 of the New Year


Tip The Scale Tuesday - Week 9 of the New Year

I lost one pound this week. I'm going to take it considering the lack of progress from the stomach virus. This weeks work out schedule was wiped out! I did make it to boot camp yesterday. My shoulder was creaking again. I actually work out with several physical therapists and they gave me some tips! I'm super happy about that.

Ah the measuring tape!
Arms - 1/2" gain
Chest - same
Waist - 1/2" off
Hips - 1" off
Thighs - 1/2" off

Really???? I'm really surprised by these results but I'll take it. I'm going to now combine the Tip The Scale Tuesday & Mamavation Monday posts. Angie got me started but Mamavation is keeping me going. Next Monday you will actually see some numbers.

Need for fitness support? Join the "Sistahood".

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